District Enforcement achieves Surveillance Certification

At District Enforcement, we are fervent believers in raising the standards not only within our own Company but also the service sectors within which we operate.

We’ve invested a great deal of time in ensuring that our policies and procedures do not just meet a ‘standard’ but actually benefit our employees and members of the public in general.

These policies have now been put to the test and found to be in compliance with the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Code of Practice. In receiving certification, members of the public can be assured that we meet all safeguarding standards when deploying or utilising surveillance camera equipment.

"The Surveillance Camera Commissioner third party certification enables organisations to clearly demonstrate that they comply with the surveillance camera code of practice" wrote Tony Potter, Surveillance Camera Commissioner for England and Wales.

"I am delighted that District Enforcement Ltd is helping to raise standards in the parking industry by making a commitment to use surveillance cameras appropriately, proportionately and transparently to their customers and the public."

However, the work doesn’t stop at certification. We have committed to annually reviewing our compliance with the Code and ensuring that our operations satisfy not only the current Code of Practice but also any changes in best practice or legislation.

Our Enforcement Officers, deployed across England, Wales and Scotland, will be in possession of the latest Body Worn Video Camera technology to assist in public safety and evidence gathering. The provider's online monitoring suite enables us to remotely quality assure our front-line staff and safeguards against malicious complaints.

To find out more about the products and services we can offer, please visit www.district-enforcement.co.uk/ or phone 01785 336780.