Why You Need Us

Tackling a perennial problem for land owners

With land at a premium and a continual growth in vehicle ownership, car park abuse is an acute problem for land owners – whether in industry, retail, public service or residential areas, even where permission is given by the issuing of a parking permit.

Apart from the loss in trade and frustration to customers and employees through a lack of parking space, car park abuse creates important liability issues for landowners in respect of:

  • Disability Discrimination: Misuse of disabled parking spaces can deny the use of or access to the facility by genuine users with impaired mobility
  • Health and Safety: Emergency service access routes and fire escapes can be blocked by thoughtless drivers, whilst parking on pavements can obstruct access to disabled visitors
  • Planning Law: Unauthorised car parking in undesignated areas can breach planning permissions

District Enforcement offers a proven remedy to car park abuse in the form of our total ticketing solution, which is tailored to drastically cut car park abuse at little or no cost to the land owner thanks to its self-financing nature.

Whilst our eye catching and carefully drafted signage has an immediate deterrent effect, the key to a long term and sustainable reduction in car park abuse lies in our follow-up action against drivers intent on non payment of charges.

In recognition of our Accredited Operator Status, we are able to request vehicle keeper details from the DVLA in order to hold the driver to account for their actions (and in respect of parking charges issued since 1st October 2012, the registered keeper themselves where charges remain unpaid), pursuing a contractual financial charge against them in line with the displayed parking conditions.

We do not outsource any element of our end-to-end enforcement activity, therefore keeping these processes entirely within our control. In the vast majority of cases this charge is recovered successfully and the awareness by car park users of our consistent, effective litigation is a powerful deterrent against future misuse of the car park. This is a cornerstone to our business model, in an industry where most parking enforcement companies fail to litigate in cases of non-payment and rapidly become known as “toothless” by persistent non-payers.